GECO Technical Affiliates

GECo functions as a full-service environmental consulting firm through the use of affiliates with technical expertise tailored to specific project needs. Affiliates include:

Holman & Associates, Archaeologists. We have worked with Miley Holman and his staff for over 25 years. Mr. Holman serves as GECo's go-to archaeologist for most Bay Area and coastal California projects.

Michael Kent, Planner/Economist. Mr. Kent has a diverse background as a planner and CEQA project manager. He also has extensive experience in solid waste management projects. Richard Grassetti has worked with Michael Kent on a frequent basis over their 30-year careers. Mr. Kent assists GECo on environmental planning, and waste management projects. He also assists in project management on large, complex projects.

Wetlands and Water Resources (WWR). GECo and WWR have worked together on numerous wetland restoration projects. GECo typically prepares the CEQA documents for WWR projects, while WWR has assisted GECo on hydrologic, geologic, water quality, and engineering aspects of those projects, as well as others.

Matt Brockway. GECo frequently works with Mr. Brockway when the need arises for photosimulations of projects. Mr. Brockway has extensive experience preparing and peer reviewing photo-simulations as part of CEQA analyses, and has worked with GECo on numerous occasions over the past 15 years.

Michael Wood, Biological Consulting. Wood Biological Consulting is a small firm located in Walnut Creek specializing in full-service biological assessments for CEQA documents. GECo has worked with Mr. Wood’s company on numerous projects throughout the Bay Area over the past 15 years.

Michelle King,Urban Planning/Design. Ms. King has a diverse background working with multidisciplinary teams as a planner, applied researcher and project manager on a range of sustainable development opportunities. She is also an experienced facilitator of inclusive participatory processes and intergovernmental relationships including regulatory matters. Ms. King works with GECo on CEQA/NEPA projects encompassing urban redevelopment, wetlands restoration, educational facilities and water in at-risk urban communities.

In addition to those identified above, GECo maintains affiliates in other disciplines such as noise, air quality, historic architecture, hazardous materials/health and safety, traffic, forestry, and urban planning. Please feel free to contact us if you are looking for assistance in any of these areas.