Representative Experience


GECo has managed preparation of CEQA and/or NEPA documents on over 50 projects ranging from landfills to residential and commercial developments to wetland restoration. We also have prepared technical analyses for over 200 documents. Some of our recent projects are summarized below. Please contact us if you are interested in our full list of project experience.

Salt River Ecosystem Restoration Project EIR. GECo is preparing an Environmental Impact Report for the restoration of a large area of former marsh and open channel near Ferndale in Humboldt County. The project includes creation of a new seven-mile-long river channel and a 400-acre wetland restoration. Major issues include biological resources, land use, hydrology/flooding, and construction impacts (noise, air quality, traffic.). Client: Humboldt County Resource Conservation District.

Aramburu Island Shoreline Protection and Ecological Enhancement Project Initial Study. GECo is preparing an Initial Study for a proposal by the Audubon Society to stabilize the shoreline and improve bird and seal habitat on the 34-acre Aramburu Island site in Marin County. Major issues include biological resources, hydrology/flooding, and construction impacts. Client: Wetlands and Water Resources.

Forward Landfill Expansion Project EIR. GECo is preparing and EIR for a 170-acre expansion of the Forward Landfill in San Joaquin County. This is the third EIR that GECO and its Principal Richard Grassetti, has prepared for this landfill over a period of 15 years. Major issues include air quality, health and safety, biological resources, and traffic. Client: San Joaquin County Community Development Department.

San Francisco PUC WSIP Projects. GECo assisted in the preparation of the San Francisco Public Utility Commission's Water Supply Improvement Project Program EIR, as well as two other CEQA documents for smaller projects under that program. Major issues include hydrology, water supply, and fisheries. Client: Water Resources Engineering/Orion Associates.

Parsons Slough Project CEQA Review. GECo is preparing an expanded Initial Study for a tidal sill (dam) project to reduce scour in Parsons Slough, an arm of the ecologically sensitive Elkhorn Slough. This IS may lead to either an EIR or Mitigated Negative Declaration. Major issues include fisheries, marine mammals, water quality, aesthetics, and construction issues (noise). Client: Vinnedge Consulting/Elkhorn Slough National Estuary Reserve.

Hamilton Wetlands/Todds Road CEQA Review. GECo prepared the CEQA Initial Study for an alternative access road for truck traffic to the Hamilton Wetlands Restoration Project to reduce the project’s potential noise impacts. Major issues included noise, biological resources, and cultural resources. Client: California State Coastal Conservancy.

Bethel Island Water Supply Project. GECo assisted in the preparation of the EIR for a “water trail” for small non-motorized boats throughout San Francisco Bay. The project involves designation of 115 access sites as well as policies for stewardship and education. Major issues include disturbance of birds, marine mammals, water quality, historic resources, and wetlands. Client: California State Coastal Conservancy.

Dutch Slough Restoration Project/Oakley Community Park EIR. GECo prepared the EIR for a 1400-acre wetland restoration and 80-acre community park on former diked lands in Oakley. Major issues include fisheries, water quality, historic architectural resources, and wetlands. Client: California State Coastal Conservancy.