GECo offers the following consulting services

Preparation of CEQA and NEPA Documents:
GECo prepares all types of documents required under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), including Initial Studies, Negative Declarations, Environmental Assessments, Environmental Impact Reports, and Environmental Impact Statements. In addition, we offer objective review and critique services for these documents.

Consultant and Project Management Services:
GECo can assist your efforts in providing and managing teams of technical consultants for review or preparation of CEQA, NEPA, and other environmental documents. Our experience with local experts and in consultant management can assure quality, cost, and schedule control.

 Preparation of Technical Studies:
GECo and our affiliated experts provide technical analyses. In addition to our in-house capabilities, we have established long-term affiliations with a broad range of technical subcontractors for preparation of specific technical reviews including toxics, air quality, noise, cultural resources, water quality, biological resources, hydrology and geology.

Permitting and Processing:
GECo provides assistance in environmental and land use permitting. We can assist attorneys in understanding and completing the permit process in compliance with CEQA, NEPA, Department of Fish and Game, Corps of Engineers, BCDC, and other state, local, and regional agency requirements.

Expert Peer Review Services:
GECo staff and affiliates have extensive experience conducting peer reviews of CEQA and NEPA documents and technical asessments. We can provide clients with reviews for CEQA and NEPA compliance as well as for technical adequacy and accuracy. We are available to prepare written comments and oral presentations summarizing our findings to decision-makers. Experts staff also are available to assist in strategic aspects of CEQA and NEPA litigation.

Land Use Planning:
GECo provides assistance with land use planning issues. We have a thorough understanding of California planning law and the practical aspects of its implementation. This allows us to assist our clients in the land use planning process. We typically assist attorneys in the “hands-on” aspects of implementing California planning law.

Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting:
GECo has extensive experience reviewing and preparing Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Programs pursuant to CEQA requirements. We can work with you to develop a format and content that satisfies both your client’s needs and CEQA requirements.