Understanding Environmental Impact Assessment
A Layperson’s Guide to Environmental
Impact Documents and Processes

This book is intended as a practical functional guide for users and reviewers of various types of environmental impact assessment (EIA) documents. While this book is not intended for specialists in any one technical discipline, it provides the lay reader with a practical overview of the basics of environmental impact assessment as performed under US and California laws.

Table of Contents:

  1. 1.The Process
    • Overview
    • Historical Perspective
    • Understanding the Environmental Impact Assessment Process
  2. 2. The Documents
    • Introduction
    • CEQA and NEPA Documents
  3. 3. The Players
    • Introduction
    • Key Players
  4. 4. The Resources
    • Biological Resources
    • Water Resources and Hydrology
    • Soils and Geology
    • Air Quality
    • Noise
    • Health and Safety
    • Cultural Resources
    • Transportation
    • Visual Resources
    • Socioeconomic Resources
    • Public Services and Utilities
  5. Appendices